Coltellerie Paolucci is a reputable and renowned family run company, comprising of a tradition which stems from a thousand years ago and originated in a country town with “roots made of steel”, Frosolone.
Founded in 1972 by Felice, Liberato and Saverio, who follow the tradition in the footsteps of their father and grandfather to give a consistent continued approach to the excellence founded by workshop craftsmens in the small center since the Middle Ages, specializing in the manufacture of cutting tools.
A production that signifies and represents the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ , the handicraft and detailed manufacturing of the tools reaches a unique quality which can only be found in this small town in the center of Molise.
An artistic craft, representative of an ancient culture, the wisdom of the scissors and knives’ masters, that Coltellerie Paolucci has been able to ensure that over time, they will always remain faithful to the tradition, the roots, and the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.


Coltellerie Paolucci ensures that every single part of the production process is carried out with care and excellence and that the result achieved is thanks to the perfect balance of skills, knoweldge, know how and experience.
We are a company comprised of great men who work with passion and extreme attention to detail, offering a service and a quality product unlike no other because it is meant for people: thought and created for others as if it were for themselves.